Tuesday, June 19, 2007

True Colors

Hey kids,

Last night we stepped out to see The True Colors Tour.It was a blast and everyone pretty much rocked the house. I unfortunatly got there a bit late because I was having my weekly waxing before my shows.It took longer this week because I've been eating baked beans like mad. That'll put hair on ya in no time.I usually go for the chips when I'm nervous but this time around I've been craving Baked beans right out of the can,yikes!!

We got there about 8 just in time to see The Dresden Dolls..just great! I missed The Gossip though....Though I was farting a bit from all the beans MargOH! started her own gossip...LOL

Everyone was just grand and Erasure was so good. it amazes MargOH! how much sound gets generated from that little piano they use...

Cyndi was grand as well. Her voice was magical last night and very special. She's a special gal with a lot of love in her heart!!!

If you get a chance kids check out the tour!!



  1. phoebs4:19 AM

    wow it sounds amazing - y'know beth ditto has an advice column in The Guardian, (the uk's "liberal newspaper") - it's called "What would Beth Ditto do?" - ha ha.


  2. Hi Love,

    Yes, it was great but I must tell you Debby Harry wasn't that great.. She sang songs from her upcoming cd and although they weren't bad, who the hell wants to hear that shit!!! I want call me and Rapture. Plus, she looked a lot like Anne Murray.

    Now don't forget to tell me when you are coming so I can plan the one night only show and a party.