Tuesday, June 05, 2007

1 day to go

Hey kids,

1 day til the show and I'm heavy into rehearsals...I seem to be having a focus problem....Berna that is. i try to rehearse and she is so noisey, eating and drinking and carrying on. She had Glenda over last night to watch "towering inferno".

She always makes fun of my role in that.

I'm the very first girl to get thrown over the bar when the water comes rushing in...She's such a witch..We have DVR so she can rewind and makes it happen over and over again...

I hope I can get at least one run through before i go on Thursday...yikes..

Kisses, M


  1. phoebs9:17 AM

    hey Big M - break a leg, and not just Berna's. I got a nice Woody Herman mambo record today from the charity shop, and I'm listening to it right now, thinking of swinging the night away in dark clubs in Manhattan...
    And when I think of NYC, I think of MargOH!

  2. Awe , Thanks Phoebe...Yes I may have to slap Berna..she forgot to make my waxing appointments so now I have to shave my legs...crap!!!!

    Oh, I love the Mambo! Shake it gal!!

    Kisses, M

  3. Good luck and break a leg! I wish I could be there...

    Mr. DanNation

  4. t.t. tetley7:20 AM

    Break a leg, Margo. You know I'd love to be there, but someone has to jet down to Tijuana to get James Lipton out of trouble again. When will he ever learn?