Thursday, September 22, 2005

Another Crazy Night with Mindy Cohn

Hi Kids,

My dear friend Mindy Cohn was in town, you know her as the lovable Natalie from "The Facts of life". I am pleased to tell you that I know her as a boozehound with a penchant for the dark and dangerous, my favorite type of girl.

We started the night out at Bungalow 8, what an absolute boring ass bar. Richard hatch was the most notable person there besides us and he was belly up to the bar trying to figure out how to pay for the drinks, just like his tax troubles, poor thing, please, that fat ass deserves it!!!!

I said hey Mindy lets blow this place and head to Splash and get wet with the boys.

Mindy and I really cut a rug and were being ravaged by gays and loving it. Of course Graham Norton was there and telling Mindy and I filthy jokes until we had to run to the ladies and pee or was it until he passed out stoned drunk, I can't remember. When you are out with Mindy everything is a blur, she has loads of energy.

After Splash we were starved so we headed to that papaya place that has cheap hot dogs, Mindy had about 15.... I of course at mine bunless due to my pesky Gluten issue. Mindy told me she was gearing up to go for next years nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. The way she chomped those dogs down she may be strong competition for the king of the hot dog Kobiachi. This girl is amazing, always trying new things and lovin it.

We said our goodbye's and Mindy planted an unusually long kiss with a bit of tongue on my lips. I was a bit taken back but somewhat turned on. Mindy jumped in the cab and promised to keep in touch and maybe have an overnight on her next visit.

I waved a gentle goodbye and was left missing Nat. Can't wait to see her again.

Kisses, MargOH!

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