Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's been too Long

Hey Kids,

I must, I must ,I must increase my bust.Oh,I Meant,blog.

I have been vacationing and enjoying life as long as our dear, dear president. Well my vacation has only been for 4 weeks and our Dear pres has taken 5. I am so happy that he unlike most american's have this luxury.

I did get in touch with Cindy Sheehan and sent her a case of lotion and sunscreen to help protect her from getting more wrinkles. It's not easy standing up for the cause that we all should be screaming for in that dust bowl called Crawford.

I am just amazed by her determination to bring needed attention to the fact that this war was unjust and to get some answers from this fool we call a leader!!!.

she has shown that one person can make a difference or at least bring attention and scare the heck out of the establishment....

Love ya Cindy, fight, fight, fight!!!!!

See ya Kids,

Love MargOH!

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