Monday, March 23, 2009

MargOH!'s movin

Hey kids,

Goodness, after a long search and a few sexual acts MargOH! and the gang are moving to a luxury building in the Bronx, yes the Bronx, a nice section of the Bronx. It has 3 bedrooms and a jacuzzi tub...It actually also has 2 bathrooms so the Jacuzzi tub is all MargOH!'s. MargOH!'s Manhattan lifestyle has ended and I gotta tell you what a relief it is. My one bedroom just wasn't cutting it any longer and to be honest to see my wardrobe mistress Berna sleeping in the closet was a bit sad...the poor thing. Plus, don't forget my Aunt Fawn and my two moms have been with me Trudie and Sully...I know, I know and you are right my mother Sully has tried making a few bucks off the plane landing on the Hudson and granted 3 interviews but when she started talking about how she cut herself on a tuna can the gig was up..

Anyway we are moving in May and that'll be fun, of course our neighbor Linda Hunt has offered to help us so I'll make sure I save all the heavy lifting for her, she is really strong. She pinned me down after tried to take a sip of her margarita the other night at happy hour..

One good thing was that my Aunt Fawn got a job as a practice skater for 'Stars on ice" so she will be assisting Scott Hamilton in getting that Tara Lipinski back in shape...she been off the ice for a while and Fawn's large carriage instills fear in her subjects so she'll do fine, I mean her time spent in Minnesota teaching all those pregnant teens how to skate really payed off...

I have my two moms and her bunking all in the same room because I needed one room for my costumes and make-up. Berna will be in that room as well, oh dear it really is another closet for old Berna but it will have a bed in it.....

OK, kids gotta run to pick out drapes....

kisses, MargOH!

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