Friday, May 02, 2008

Berna's Going to the Chapel

Hey Kids,

I know I've been quiet lately but I just found out some news that was too good not to share with you.

My wardrobe mistress and Head Gaffer for the Letterman show is getting hitched. I can't believe it!! Her union buddy Bernie popped the question the other day and she's been running around the house all week, breaking things, tripping on her tea cup heels and waving the ring in my face..Well the ring is nice, those union peeps rake it in, I must say but unfortunately it was a bit small for her finger and it only fits up to her knuckle, poor dear...

She's been so annoying that my Aunt Fawn-Tastic threatened to cut her with her skating blade...yikes...Oh , yeah by the way Aunt Fawn is actually training with Frank Carol(Michelle Kwans former coach) and she actually has been back to doing her double toe wally's and is almost up to doing a triple toe loop. She swears he has a crush on her and told her she will take the over 60's at the US championships...goodness...

Back to Berna, anyway , she's been calling Betty Degeneres to see if Ellen will be her maid of honor...ahem...i doubt it and can you believe she told me that she wanted me to be the flower ass...if that cow is to get married I'm going to bartend...cause lord knows every one's going to need a stiff drink after seeing old berna in a wedding gown.....yikes..

Kids , I'll keep you updated on this event...good lord, help me know...

Kisses, M


  1. Oh - MargOH! It's good to hear from you over at DanNation. I must connect with you for a martini on one of my upcoming jaunts to NYC. Thanks for the well wishings for jail - you should join me!

  2. Anonymous2:22 AM

    MargOH! haha! I rekon youd be fantastic on the bar, knocking up stiff martini's. I do hope Berna will be picking up the tab though as the one for me one for you system im sure youd adopt could empty the bar of all but ice.

    P.s if berna needs a page boy id be well up for it, so long as i dont have to walk behing her up the isle, Scarysite im sure! xx