Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Everything Changes


In the past few months I've been in such a funk which isn't usually like me! You all know that. I usually dust myself off and make a martini and party up. I've been trying hard to turn that frown upside down...did I just say that?

Anywho, I had a dream last night that I was walking down a corridor with lots of doors. I kept trying to open the doors but none would  until I got to the last one. My grandmother was sitting in her chair eating cheese balls. She loved cheese balls. She turned to me and said "I'm so proud of you, want some cheese balls?" I asked what she was proud of as i took a handful of cheese balls and all she said was "Count your blessings". I got up and walked to the door and said good bye. She then said in her usual way "Don't say goodbye, say so long"...

I feel much better today.

I'm thinking its not so bad! This has been a good year ,though scattered with a few health issues, I've done a lot. I achieved goals of performing in a festival (HOT) for the first time and i got to do it with my Man-ee. I also had a hugely succesful performance of "Tipsy" at Dixon Place which got a rave review. I got my first critics pick in TONY. I got my first standing Ovation which was so weird and made me down champagne like a bigger drunk than I  already am. I acheived another goal that will go unnamed because that whole experience was a total WTF moment that I'm still wondering WTF happened (and has contributed to my funk). I worked on some fabulous projects with Tara Mateik who I think is an absolutely brilliant man and hope to work with him in the future again...

I officially am registered as a songwriter and was called a "celebrated vocalist" which in my mind I never thought possible. I'm no longer afraid to dive into my singing and see whats there for me to discover and I even took my first vocal lesson.

The latest fab thing is that the composers of "Everything Changes" are going to come back together and write me a song. I'm really over the moon about that and feel it is such a compliment that they want to. Both Brian Feinstein and Diana Hansen-Young have been so supportive of my work since they saw the show and really want me to succeed. That's so special!

I still have so much more that I want to do! So goals need to be set and I'm thinking about it kids...At least for today I'm optimistic and want to plow through.

As I reflect though I wanted to thank all the people who helped me this year. My Tipsy family, Jarad, Darryl, Crystal, MAN-ee,Mike D(wardrobe mistress to the stars) Thom, Andrew, Nicole, Kim, Pepperica Swirl and Flotilla (who perfomed with us at Dixon,what a blast). Thanks to I.R. Marin for helping me realize my vision for incorporating video elements into the show, loved it...To Arden Astin for playing Baby MargOH!

Then of course our "Skanks in Pearls" kids, Della, Legs, Rikki, Rique Shaw, Dolly, Kevin and Brandon B, it was really a fun ass show and we'll do some more in 2013.

OH! and I wanted to thank the darlin Sloan Rollins for all the nice things he said about my shows ; 0 )... The guys at Fierth.com , Winnie at Edge NY, NEXT, Time Out NY, 2bexposed.com, Tym Moss at Artists exposed radio, Will Clark , Joe E. Jeffries and Kevin Novinski for their press, filming and notices on their blogs, etc. All of this but still at times I feel like no one knows who the hell I am...lol

Thanks to Katy and Ellie from Dixon Place for taking a chance on the old lady.  The staff at Spincycle/Beechman for their support for the September show.

Also my family and MAN-ee's family for their constant support of MargOH! . Then also a huge thanks to all the people who came out to support us and you know who you are...without you kids...I'm nothin!!

Also I'm nothin without my gayiance MAN-ee...he's the glue kids and I love him.

Dear this post could be my oscar's acceptance speech...ooh yes! set that as a goal...lol

Then of course thanks to Nana Clayton for paying me a visit last night...I needed that...

Everything Changes but your loved ones are always with you.

"Don't say goodbye, say so long"

Cheers, MargOH!

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  1. Very interesting dream. And about the doors, it seems to me that this is new possibilities in your life. Soon there will be a lot. The main thing is to open the right door.