Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chapter 1 "Little Star" Session 2

Hey Kids,

Here's the transcript for the second half of session 1 of my memoirs...I know it's a bit tricky but nothing MargOH! does is easy...LOL

Chapter 1 "Little Star" Session 2

Hest "Bones' Crabtree- All set MargOH! Now I'd like to hear more about your grandmother and what it was like living there?

MargOH!- Oh, yes, all set. I had a bean burrito last night and it was a rumbling.

Living with "Snappy" was fun. She really had a taste for the good life and she was rolling in money unlike us. She detested fish and only served beef , chicken or pork. She really pushed my father to get out of being a fish monger and get him a job in lumber but my daddy sided with my grandfather and wouldn't give up the store. At the time I thought we were really poor but we weren't it was just that Sully had a few vices, poker, peckers and plenty of clothes. She squandered most of what my father made at the pub luring all the sailors. I think Sully thought she had to put the Bang in Bangor if you know what I mean Hester.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- Oh, so your mother Sully cheated on your father?

MargOH!- Oh, yes! (Laughter). Sully said they had an agreement but she was just a slut. My daddy worked all day and at night was building us a new home. She said she was lonely but again she was and still is a big slut. I spent most of the time with my grandmother those two years because Sully was down at "Scuppers" playing poker and messing around. "Snappy" called Sully "Slutty" in a little song she wrote called "Sully the slutty fish hag". This is one of the songs she'd have me dance too. You see my family treated me like an adult even at 5. My first word was "vodka". My father made moonshine out of fish bones and potato's and put it my bottle so I'd sleep. It was an odd taste from what I recall but I was always a happy baby. You have to understand Hester this was normal to me. I thought this was the way it was so I became very well adjusted to my situation, don't we all I suppose, you think Hester?

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- Yes, I guess we do, but I think by today's standards your childhood sounds a bit carefree or should I say careless or maybe even abusive?

MargOH!- Well, I wouldn't say abusive at all. I would say a bit neglected I guess, but it did make me figure things out for myself. I think that has helped me in the long run. I may not always know what is next but I'm ready for it.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- That is so true, MargOH! You are doing great! I just want to get a feel about your surroundings as well. What was Bangor like, then? Your grandmother's house?

MargOH!-Well, Hester, Bangor was how should i put it, depressing. It still is I think. It was the type of place where either ya had it or ya didn't. I mean the natural beauty is lovely but it seemed so isolated when I was a child. Of course there were fun things like hanging out by the docks and playing hooker. My sister Rita and I would dress up in fancy dresses and put on lots of make-up and "Sully it up", we called it. We'd walk up and down the docks swinging our purses and shaking our hips and swear. Those were good times. I should give Rita a call?

Oh, the house was grand and the room I had at "Snappy's" was so nice. It had high ceilings and a four poster bed with canopy. It was decorated in a very English style with flowered wall paper and mahogany furniture. I think the house had 15 or 20 rooms or so. It was home with a history! I think it's now called the William Arnold House. Stephen King is there now. I think I'd said that. I called Stephen about 10 years ago and went back to see it, the structure is the same but he's updated it a lot, they added a pool, a pool can you imagine, it doesn't seem to fit the house and the fence he put up isn't period either (Laughter). He is a kooky guy but I'm glad the house is still in good shape. It's funny but there's not much written about my step-grandfather Jonathan Jones but that's probably because of the scandal.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- Scandal? How about we stop for a bit and have a bit to eat. I'm not sure if I can go on without a bit of food.

MargOH!- That's fine. Though I'll have a mojito and a few crackers. Berna make me a mojito and fix me a plate of cheese and crackers. Hester wants a nosh, make her a sandwich.

Berna- I only got two hands you wreck, get your own cheese and crackers while I make the god damn drink...

MargOH!- See what I have to put up with Hester...

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- I'll make my own sandwich, Berna. Yes, I see. Let me jot down where we left off so we can start up again, fresh.

MargOH!- Fine, and Berna after the drink we gotta start packing for P-town.

Berna- (Grumbling)

Kisses, MargOH!

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